Code #

Xmen #

Xmen is a python api and command line tool I developed from the ground up for writing and running experiments. The user writes clean python code with minimal modifications and xmen takes care of the rest, including configuring, running and recording experiments, interfacing with the slurm job scheduler and visualising experiments from the command line.

A lot of work was put into developing xmen. It is now a key component of my workflow which I depend upon every day in my research. Please give it a go and let me know what you think! For more info please see the xmen project website

Website #

In building this website I developed mu own jeckyll theme. This was a complete first for me and I learnt a lot through the process . The aim was to develop a theme that is as research friendly as possible with built in math support, easy page navigation and support for project pages. Much of the appearance is inspired by latex. Some work still needs to be done to get the theme into a sharable state for an official release. In the meantime you can find the sourcecode for this site here.

Vim #

Over the lockdown vim and vim plugins which have since become a key part of my workflow over the last year as all work has gone remote. For anyone who is interested you can find my vim config here.